Artist guidelines




Commission: 30%

Miniatures: These are high selling items on opening night. We highly recommend participating in this part of the show! (see more details below under "Miniatures Guidlines":)

Larger format work: We are accepting originals and sculptures and high quality prints (giclée, etchings, silkscreens). 

Show Date: Feb 6th - Feb 17, 2018. The show is 14 days long. The pieces in the exhibit will be sold exclusively through The Shadowood Collective during this time. After the exhibit is complete, all artists are welcome to sell any unsold work on their own.

Opening Reception: This is a ticketed event. All artists will get in free with a plus 1.


If we are printing them for you we will need the files sent to us by: January 10th

Larger Format Work: by January 30th

Drop Off Location: 32 Victor Street, London Ontario N6C 1B7

sarahjlegault@gmail.com (519 709 9618)

vincent@mypetskeleton.com (226 808 8826)


1. How many miniatures pieces can I put in the show?

The vaster your collection the more interesting the show will be! We suggest at least 4 but closer to 10 would be fantastic! 

1. How many copies of each miniature print do I need to produce? 

At least 1. 

We suggest 5 prints of each image (or more), but if you prefer to do less we welcome that this year. Remember, the more we have on hand, the more we can sell for you! 

2. What is the edition size? 

The edition size is 25, but The Shadowood Collective will only be selling the amount that you are providing us for the show.  We will send people directly to your website if they are interested in purchasing from you directly after the show is over. 

Side Note • again, this does NOT mean that you have to print 25 copies for the show! We would like to control the edition size to keep things even and fair on the wall since the price point is all the same.  

3. Should they be framed? 

Yes. But just one (the #1 of each edition). 

One of each of your miniature artworks needs to be framed to be featured on the miniature wall (see above). They must be IKEA frames (23 cm by 23 cm) black or white frames: http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/00378403/#/00378403

4. How much are the prints sold for? 

The unframed prints are sold for $35 on opening night and $40 for the rest of the show. The framed pieces are $50 each. 

5. Can you print them for me? 

Yes. We have a printer that we can send the work out to (we do this in bulk). It would cost $5 a piece tax included. We would need your files by January 10th 2018.

6. Can I print them using another printer? 

Absolutely! They need to be official giclée prints on heavy paper stock (textured water colour or cold pressed paper). We have used this printer in the past: http://www.lumichrom.com/

7. Can we buy our own IKEA frames?

Yes! Please make sure you do so a month ahead of the show to make sure they are in stock. They regularly get sold out.

8. Can you buy the IKEA frames for us? 

Yes. We charge $13 a piece tax included. We need to know your order by January 10 2018.

9. Will you be selling the pieces online? 

No. We encourage you to sell them on your own after the show is done. 

10. What are the dimensions of the miniatures?

Please see below:



1. Does the work need to be framed? 

Yes. Unless it's a hangable canvas or wood piece. 

2. How are sculptures presented? 

Podiums are provided if needed. Let us know how many you need in advance. 

3. When do you need them by? 

All work needs to be in our hands by January 30th.